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Programa de Canadá para su flotilla de F-18s 2vwzcep
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Programa de Canadá para su flotilla de F-18s

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Programa de Canadá para su flotilla de F-18s Empty Programa de Canadá para su flotilla de F-18s

Mensaje por Hasso Abril 15th 2009, 03:09

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In 2001, the Canadian Air Force launched an eight-year, two-phase initiative called the Incremental Modernization Project (IMP). By the end of this project, a total of 80 CF-18 Hornets—62 single-seat and 18 dual-seat—will have received significant upgrades to their radio, avionics and weapons systems, as well as to the structural integrity of their fuselage, wings and tail sections.

The modernization program will ensure that Canada has a state-of-the-art CF-18 fighter force that remains effective and operationally viable until at least 2017.

Phase I of the IMP (2002–2006) involved procuring and installing:
a new on-board radar system “Have Quick” jam-resistant radios that are compatible with technology used by NATO-ally air forces a combined interrogator/transponder unit to ensure that CF-18s are recognized as “friendlies” when spotted on allied radar scopes during combat operations a stores management system for weapon-system and associated-equipment control new mission designation computers embedded Global Positioning System/Inertial Navigation System (GPS/INS) capability The first completed “Phase I” CF-18 was delivered back to Air Command in May 2003.

Within the same timeframe but separate from the IMP, the following new components were also installed in the aircrafts:

a new infrared sensor
a multipurpose instrument-panel display group
a night vision imaging system
advanced air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons
a landing-gear “get well” program to reduce corrosion and improve gear retraction
an Advanced Distributed Combat Training System
Phase II of the IMP (2006–2009) involves installing:
a data-link system for information-exchange connectivity with similar systems on other surveillance and air-combat platforms
a helmet-mounted display
a crash-survivable flight recorder
an upgraded electronic warfare (EW) suite to enhance survivability against future surface-to-air threats
Several projects outside the scope of the IMP are also planned to upgrade the CF-18s. They include:

a fuselage Centre Barrel Replacement Project (for 40 of the upgraded aircraft)
an Air Combat Manoeuvring Instrumentation System
an Integrated Electronic Warfare Support Station
an Electronic Warfare Test Equipment Project

Total costs for the IMP and the additional Hornet fleet enhancements are not yet confirmed, but are estimated at about $2.6 billion (CAD).
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