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F 35 para Corea del Sur

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F 35 para Corea del Sur

Mensaje por ivan_077 el Mayo 17th 2014, 01:36

By IDR News Network
Issue Net Edition | Date : 08 May , 2014

F-35 Lightning II

As part of its F-X fighter jet acquisition programme, South Korea has taken a decision to procure the F-35 Lightning II fifth generation combat aircraft built by Lockheed Martin Corporation. After Israel and Japan, Korea is the third country to procure the F-35 through the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) programme of the government of the United States of America. As per the defence procurement agency of South Korea, contract for the stealth fighter aircraft is to be concluded later this year, reportedly in the third quarter. Deliveries however, are scheduled to commence in 2018. “This decision strengthens and extends our long-standing security partnership while enhancing regional stability across the greater Asia Pacific theatre,” said Orlando Carvalho, Aeronautics Executive Vice-President, Lockheed Martin.

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Re: F 35 para Corea del Sur

Mensaje por Lanceros de Toluca el Mayo 23rd 2014, 02:20

Resto del Mundo... no aqui

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