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Mensaje por Lanceros de Toluca el Marzo 15th 2012, 00:22

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See color at night

Scuttlebutt // March 12th, 2012 // By Lance Cpl. Daniel Wetzel

Marines in the future may be seeing things at night in a whole new way with ColorPath Color Capable Night Vision Devices. These devices allow for the identification of colors even in lowlight situations, allowing for better intelligence and security missions.

When it comes to night vision devices, seeing different shades of monochromatic green has been the standard viewpoint for Marines. But the ColorPath Color Capable Night Vision Device could have Marines seeing colors, allowing them to identify the bad guy’s red truck, or differentiate between uniforms, objects, friends or foes. Developed by Tenebraex, the ColorPath uses one standard, green image intensifier tube to create a true, full-color image. Even at low starlight levels, it provides image color with no delay and is unaffected by temperature. It is also lightweight and energy efficient. By using mechanical filters, the ColorPath system processes real-time images faster than other computer-based filters. The resulting color provides better night depth-perception and terrain assessment, making gathering intelligence at night similar to day.

The new capabilities of the ColorPath Color Capable Night Vision Device would allow Marines to differentiate between uniforms, objects, friends or foes. The ability to identify colors at night would allow Marines to gather intelligence and security in a safer and more effective way.


Helmet mounted

Field of view – 40°

Weight – 18 ounces with 2 AA batteries

Power –Approx. 10 hours operation

Waterproof – 32 feet

Lanceros de Toluca
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Alto Mando

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Mensaje por Eze_Hunter_JxG el Marzo 15th 2012, 11:54

Es impresionante, ha distancia uno puede saber a que o quien le esta disparando.
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